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Jenifer O. Leander, TX

Jenifer O. Leander, TX-- 7/21/2010

We recently bought a van from them and it was nothing but positive. Ansar was so customer oriented and helped with anything we needed. Highly recommend!! O, and we love our van...it's perfect!

Stephanie B. Austin, TX

Stephanie B. Austin, TX--10/25/2011

I would like everyone to know that Capital City Automotive is a WONDERFUL place... I have been dealing with them for 6 years, We have bought 2 cars from them now and we LOVE these guys!!! When I had my old car the breaks went out while I was driving with my little girl down the road.. I called them they came and got the car and us. Being a woman I will tell you it is scary to take your car to someone because you never know if they will try to get more out of you then they should.. These guys wont! If the car needs more work then you thought they will call you and tell you ok This needs to be done also but not right away but you do need to get it fixed soon. My husband and I will not go anywere else as long as we live in Austin. 

Thank you
Stephanie B. :)

Thomas M. Austin, TX

Thomas M. Austin, TX--4/8/2012

I purchased 1 vehicle for around $ 8,000, and had 2 other cars in for major repairs with excellent results. I also received a call from them stating I overpaid an invoice by $20. 

I'm on my way to purchase another automobile from them.
These guys are great!!

Jerome S. Austin, TX

Jerome S. Austin, TX--7/31/2013

Capital City Automotive is the best. I've known and done business with them for 10 years. Bought a good BMW from them at a great price. They have always given me great service and

At a fair price  on my 4Runner, Corvette and a Nissan Murano.

Ramona F. Austin, TX

Ramona F. Austin, TX--7/11/2011

We bought our Honda Odyssey van from Ansar and he was so helpful and easy to deal with.  Even though a used car is usually sold "as-is", he offered to repair a few small things on the van and when I brought it to him a week later, he had the parts and his partner got it all fixed in half an hour.  These guys are genuine good guys.  Even though we live N.Central, I will probably go to them for our repairs in the future

Landon S. Austin, TX

Landon S. Austin, TX--9/14/2012

I have been doing business with these folks for over 10 years. During that time,  we have bought cars for myself, my wife, and all of our 4 offspring.  Abudi and Ansar are the two most honest, reliable, and knowledgeable car people I have ever dealt with.  I suppose it is possible that there is another auto shop in Austin equally as good as Capital City, but I cannot believe there is any better.

Abby W. Austin, TX

Abby W. Austin, TX--10/22/2012

I am a single woman and I can't say enough good things about Abudi and Ansar at Capitol City.  I have referred all of my friends and family who are also loyal customers.  I have been going to them for six years and have been highly satisfied every single time for repairs, body work, even purchasing two cars.  When they didn't have a free loaner, they gave me a ride.  If they can find a cheaper (but reliable) used part for service or body work, they will go out of their way to find one.  If it is a quick-fix job, they'll do it for free.  No appointment? No problem. They're a reliable family business who treats their customers like family too.

Jack W. Austin, TX

Jack W. Austin, TX-- 11/20/2012

With Thanksgiving coming up, it's time to give praise to those you depend upon and I can't sing praises of Capital City Automotive any higher.

Here is another case that is completely typical of their service:
I purchased a Honda Element from Capital City a couple of months ago. In fact both of my family's cars were purchased from them and I could not be happier. Last week I brought the Element in for a new dome light and to replace the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensor. I was given a free loaner car for the day and returned at the end of the day to a repaired car. The car also had a new set of wiper blades installed and not one but both TPMS switches replaced.
The price: FREE.
Abudi and Ansar know what it means to give great customer service. I trust them, I recommend them to anyone, and I am happy to be a devoted customer.
Try them next time you need to buy a used car, repair your car, or need an honest estimate on repairs. They're that good.

Paul D. Austin, TX

Paul D. Austin, TX--7/30/2013

I've been dealing with these folks for over 20 years and they've always been great with me.  I can't recommend anyone any higher than these guys.. wonderful, caring people.